From Pelican place to Olympus Mons

On August the 26th 2007 I decided I was going to get out of Hawaii!
It was eating me! It had eaten me…
Out, And I mean anyway I could,
Jil helped, it worked and then it didn’t… That happens, I hear.
We drove to the Columbia river basin in the snow, we lived in the high desert in the winter and spring and the summer.
I learned how to fly.
We played music! Dean and Dena and I, Dura Mater (tough mother), we.
I read Arundhati Roy and Kim Stanley Robinson, I read Iain M. Banks and Salmon Rushdi and plotted to go to India to finish my book and,
Discover Civilization.
On August the 15th, 2008 Indian Independence day! I will be in Mumbai.
Wow, what a year!


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