I Love My Washing Machine

No, really.

Here’s how it works.

Put the clothes in the side with the big bin.  Turn the water faucet on.

Once there’s enough water, turn the water off.  Add soap.  Set the timer for the agitator.

When the timer goes off, click over to “Drain” to, you know, drain. Click back and refill.  Reset timer.
When rinsing is complete, move clothes to the other side – the spinner.  Turn on that timer and hold onto the thing while it bumps a few times until it evens out.

Put the clean, semi-dry laundry on the clothesline on the roof.

It’s pretty satisfying, actually.  I was dubious while shopping, but I’m glad we didn’t pay double for a fully automatic version.  We’re cleaner and better smelling than we have been since we arrived! I’ll have James take a picture…


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  1. LOL, I have this site on my RSS now, I was wondering who was talking about their washing machine and why was I linked to it. LOL, now I see.

    Ah yes simple pleasures can be great.

    James: I took Dazzler out on the Bay this past Sat for fleet week. It took me a while to get the hang of things, but nice boat!

    Namaste _/\_

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