What I say to prospective employers…

We’re moving to Baltimore (which I persist in mistyping as Balitmore), and I started looking for moorage today.  I found a neat-o place that could be perfect for us.  This is the letter I sent the owner and president, Dick Mead.  Would you hire us?

Hello Mr. Mead,

My name is Dena Hankins and my husband is James Lane.  I left a phone message for you moments ago, but went to your website right afterward. I think we could be a great addition both to your marina and your staff.

Let me introduce us a bit.  James and I bought and moved aboard our first boat in 1999, in Seattle, WA.  She was a 50′ Seawolf ketch, a William Garden design, done in mahogany on oak.  We tore the deck off and replaced it right away, then brought the rest of it into condition to sail up through the San Juan Islands, into southern B.C., and then slowly down the West Coast.  Once we reached the San Francisco Bay, we sold her and bought a Gulf 32, a pilothouse sloop that was also designed by Garden, but done in fiberglass.  That sturdy, comfortable boat took us up the Sacramento River Delta, down to Monterrey, CA, and, in 2006, all the way to Hawaii.  Great boat!

We sold that boat in Hawaii and moved to India for a while.  Boating wouldn’t let go of us, though, and we moved back to the US and bought our current boat, a Phillip Rhodes designed 32′ Chesapeake sloop, also fiberglass.  We’ve redone the electrical system, the plumbing, the propane system, and redesigned the interior.  We’re skilled and confident sailboat mechanics for all systems, and not only because of the work we’ve done on our own boats.

James has been the woodworker for a high-end resort in Birch Bay, WA, and a fleet mechanic for a sailboat club in Oakland, CA.  He is currently the dockmaster for the Salt Ponds, Hampton location of the Carefree Boat Club.  I am the assistant dockmaster.  There are seven vessels in our fleet ranging from a Formula 37 to a Catalina 25.  We have done preventative maintenance, improved systems, fixed items broken by members, and kept all of the boats looking great for the members and for prospective members.  We also perform all of the check-out and check-in customer service and make sure that the members have an easy and enjoyable experience every time.  James is the club’s sail trainer, and both of us are perfectly able to handle sailboats up to 50′ in length.

Now, I have been hired on a temporary basis to process Census forms and will be working second shift, which starts at 4pm.  This job is bringing us up to Baltimore, and when I called, it was to inquire about slip rental.  Now that I’ve seen your club’s website, though, I believe that we could have a much better relationship than simply renting a slip.

Once we arrive in Baltimore, on or around December 23rd, James will be available for full time work as the Getaway Sailing Sailboat Mechanic.  I will be available for part time work at the same time, and then for more work once the census job ends (somewhere between April and July). If we live on the dock and work for Getaway Sailing, we could work out a compensation package that eases the tax burden on both of us while giving you the workers you need and giving us moorage.

Please let me know how this sounds to you.  If you are not hiring for sailboat mechanics until later in the spring, I would like to talk about moorage regardless and we can discuss the job when you are ready.  However, if you want reliable, expert help in making sure that all of the sailboats are in safe, working, and good-looking shape before the beginning of the boating season, we can help sooner.

Thank you for your time and attention.  I hope to hear from you by phone or email.  My phone number is blahblah, James’ phone number is blahblah.  James’ email address is youknow and mine is yepyep.

Dena Hankins
And this is their online job listing:
SAILBOAT MECHANIC: This position reports to the Director of the Fleet
and is responsible, along with other mechanics, for maintaining
Getaway Sailing’s fleet of approximately 20 sailboats. Preventative
maintenance includes painting, varnishing, and engine fluid and filter
changes. Corrective maintenance includes repairs to sails, fiberglass
and gelcoat, deck hardware, plumbing and electrical systems, and all
other boat systems. Priority is keeping all boats in safe, usable

Required skills and abilities:

* Boat handling skills for sailboats up to forty feet in length
* Maintenance and repair skills for all aspects of sailboats
* Supply your own basic tools
* Five years experience with boat maintenance
* Pleasant demeanor and ability to communicate positively and
effectively with customers and other employees

Hours and working conditions:

* Full time or part time
* Five days per week, including at least one weekend day
* Flexibility for time off
* Work outdoors most of the time
* Occasional interaction with customers



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