My First Post

On the new and wonderful site!

Doesn’t look different to you?

Well, that’s cause it’s not, much.  I’ve been itching to update our version of WordPress, but our host didn’t have a sufficiently up-to-date version of mysql.  I finally bit the bullet and we’ll now be paying for this site in order to send our thoughts and images into the…I wanted to say aether and then hesitated, but I’m on a cell-modem…I guess aether works!

If you see anything that doesn’t seem to work, please let me know asap.  However, I haven’t resolved a small issue with the new email hosting…sigh…so notify me at my old domain.  The address is my name at svsapien dot net.

Please be sure to resubscribe to our RSS feed (just above the clock).  The old feed won’t get any updates from here on out.

Thank you and goodnight.

James and I on our 14th anniversary



  1. CheeHoooooo I’m the second!!!!! Sorry, Dena I havent been online too much.I want to wish you guys a Happy Thanksgiving. Stay warm and Enjoy!!!

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