Heading Out from Baltimore

We’re leaving Fells Point on a lovely, breezy morning.  There are about 5 knots of wind blowing us out of the Patapsco River and we’ll get a nice ride for a while.  Then it looks like we’ll be beating gently toward the Bohemian River.

Our search for a global definition of the word civilization was not satisfied here in Baltimore.  We found pockets of intelligence, kindness, happiness – people working to make civilized lives in a profoundly uncivilized structure.  On we go, still searching.

Thank you to the friendly and welcoming people waiting tables at our favorite restaurants, the respectful and inquisitive visitors to our respective working establishments.  The Domino sugar plant squatted across the changing seasons – an aesthetically pleasing industrial image of decay.  We saw Baltimore’s attractions and enjoyed the historical ships, the museums, the tulip garden.  We’re really glad we’re missing the War of 1812 2.0.

So farewell, Baltimore.  We will.


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  1. God speed there James. May the winds be kind and the Rum flow like ….well Rum.
    Wishing you and Dena the best of Adventures. Aloha and A Hui Ho…

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