Hamburg Cove

When last we spoke, we were irritated by a bay full of mooring balls. Our solid anchor job improved our mood and we decided to take a day for stick-around type fun. Rather than leaving first thing the next morning, James went aloft in an attempt to stop the banging inside the mast. The VHF antenna is at the top of the mast and its cable runs down a channel inside the mast, along with electrical wire for the anchor light. A couple more electrical wires (foredeck light and steaming light) begin under the spreaders. Some or all of these wires have come out of the channel and they bang around inside when the boat moves in certain ways. Not while sailing, but while motoring sometimes and definitely at anchor. He took apart the foredeck light, hoping to reach into the mast from there and pull the cables forward with a zip tie, but the hole was too small to work with, disappointing him. Putting that back together involved two screws and a gasket, all of which had to line up perfectly on a surface pointing down. Of course, dropping any of those bits would have been tragic, since they would almost certainly have bounced right off the boat. He kicked that project’s ass. We still didn’t want to leave, so we went sailing. I know, sounds like we left. But I’m talking about dinghy sailing. The dinghy – Tinker – is a Dyer. After all that work we did, she rows wonderfully and it was time to find out how she sails. The answer, to our great pleasure, is wonderfully. Tinker wouldn’t sail into the wind before and still doesn’t point too high, but now she moves along nicely and tacks with ease. I found that I like sitting[…]

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