Putting Joy on the Table

When James quit his dockmaster job, we both went through a spasm of applying for new work.  Without the decent pay he was getting, how would we make due? I found a bunch of uninteresting but possible jobs in the City.  Being in NYC this winter would set me up to use the City’s resources for selling my book when it comes out.  Among all the jobs I applied for, one stood out as a pretty good fit. Sabon sells soaps, so that’s a little different from the sex toy realm, but e-commerce is e-commerce, right?  Warehouse manager is warehouse manager, right? Not quite.  Sabon’s fulfillment people have to repackage most of what they ship.  It all comes retail-ready and needs a lot of time invested before it can be sent.  Then there’s the fact that they both tissue and bubble wrap everything.  Sigh.  It makes for a pretty package and I bet it’s a fun experience, opening the box when UPS drops it off, but wow.  Hard to build a lot of efficiency into that. And their accuracy depends completely on the workers getting everything right.  No technological double-checks.  No real physical double-checks, since the picking is done into little shopping baskets (!?!).  Where double picking (to cart, then to the table to pack it) gives you the opportunity to realize you have product left over or don’t have the right product, single basket picking would sooth a packer into believing that the right product was in the basket.  Especially a new person who trusted the experienced picker.  And so on. Anyway, I was kind of excited to see all that.  I felt like I could make real strides, have a strong effect. Then I interviewed. Sigh.  I got a new shirt, went all the way to Jersey City[…]

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