1. You can see 10? You’ve got great eyes, I usually can’t find that many in the city. I like urban streetscapes humming with all sorts of peoples, access to arts, dining choices, transit and walkability. I don’t like that it’s a strange snowglobe cut away from the natural world. Very disorienting, even after years of downtown living. Looking forward to Thanksgiving in Ohio for the stars alone.

  2. Yeah, someone has just shaken our little snow globe up a bit and taken away all 10 of my stars… Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to order some Ethiopian for delivery!

  3. James, I read your post and totally cracked up . Yes, I do have a twisted mind. Stay warm and Be safe…Aloha, my friend. Happy (Tofu) Turkey day.

  4. I will Tom, Thanks!
    We like to keep it simple with something warm and cozy like cornbread stuffing, cranberry loaf and some ‘ol fashioned garlic mashed potatoes! We traditionally like to pirate as much entertainment as possible for that day but maybe this year we’ll just go to Times Square and see what our neighbors are up to.

  5. That feast sounds marvelous to me. Been thinking about you two on that boat in the snowstorms…I know you’ve weathered far worse in less comfortable conditions, but I still find you pioneer stock utterly remarkable for it. Hope your aquahome is cozy and full of love.
    YES go to Times Square! PICTURES!

  6. Ahoy! Long time eh. I do not recall when we last connected. I think we were still in Mexico or heading to Mexico. Well Now, after the big tragedy we are in Japan. doing a re-boot on Life. One of the things I am working on is taking on the mantle of Vice-Commodore of the International Yacht Club again. http://intlyc.com/wordpress/.

    We have a section called Misc Voyages. I would like to repost a few of your blog stories. What say you? Stop by and visit join in, Write, pictures. say hi report from wherever…

    Fair winds! Z

  7. Hey Zen,
    I sure would love to sit down with you someday soon for some tea and a yarn or two. I’m honored that you still, after all these years, stop by now and then.
    I don’t know if we ever spoke of this but we (you and I) met once. It was in front of the JLAC dock the summer of 2006 a few months before Dena and I sailed to the Big Island. I was with Dan Olachett and we all spoke of sailing for a few minutes before I took one of the Folkboats out for a single-handed spin. It was another perfect day on the San Francisco Bay, only that day, I met a friend… I met you! Thanks again.

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