The Dream?

We’re here, we’re working our way through this season of, well, you know!

I’ve never been a big fan of the christian, end-of-year psychosis (I know, christian and psychosis is redundant) but you have to know that it makes it all that much easier to deal with when you can step out of the Metro station on Bleaker St. and into the warm confines of the Lynn Redgrave Theater to watch four people freak-the-fuck-out on Shakespeare’s Hamlet! It was awesome, it was Bedlam!


A good friend of ours was in the city on the obligatory university tour for her offspring and scored us a couple of tickets to the show. It was the perfect thing to do on a cold, cold night in Gotham. I have seen Hamlet more times than any other Shakespeare play, maybe 12 times in all, and it always blows my mind at how much of our pop culture was brazenly stolen from that play. It’s like watching Casa Blanca only better, every single line in it has been masticated by every media machine we have and it still stands the test of time on its own. Brilliant!


Just in case you forgot what our home looks like…


There’s no doubt about it, winter is real in this part of the woods and for some reason, it still takes the utility companies by surprise.

The night we went to see the show a water main broke and left the marina without potable water for about 6 hours. It didn’t effect us very much. We had water in the tanks for coffee and neither one of us are that prone to a daily shower now that they are 1/3rd of a mile from the boat… Every other day is just fine with me, really!

Anyway, We’re here, we’re working… Both of us are pulling overnights in Manhattan and trying our best to keep each other warm during the days on the boat in Jersey.

I think it still qualifies… The Dream Realized.



  1. Aloha my friend,
    Yes it is time to change the calender. But , I’m happy that things are going well with you two. Lately, I consider Kyoko & I as GRINDERS. We keep grinding thru the tough days and wait for that fucking awesome day. Mostly it would be going to the beach,finding some special shells and a good lunch. Thats it. We have our health and each other. Nuff for me…I wish the same for you and Dena.On your terms …of course hahaha Anyway, Brah be safe and stay warm. Take care of each other and have a blast when you can. Aloha,
    Tom & Kyoko

  2. Stay warm, my beauties, in home and in heart. Atheist scientific blessings to you both — wishing you a new year full of LIFE!

  3. yes Kate staying warm is the big challenge… are propane heater has been broken for almost 2 months now so we’ve had to get pretty darn creative with the electric blanket in the one remaining heater that we have! But, we’re industrious and motivation lends the needed effect. thanks for all the well wishes take care and stay warm yourself.

  4. Thinking of you hardy stalwarts in this snow dump super freeze. Hope you snuggle in and figure out the most delightful ways to keep each other warm!

  5. what up james? happy new year to you and dena. becky and i had our first baby, a beautiful girl named kaya. we are living in warrenton, oregon now next to astoria, or. we are coasties now. i am teaching high school social studies here. finally graduated with two b.a.’s (ed. / anth.) and am working on master’s now. anyhoo, stay rad my friend. whenever i think of your spirit, i get enough badass in my soul to last a while again. peace brother.

    1. Jesse my friend it is truly good to hear from you!!!
      congratulations on all the degrees and the offspring… wow dude you have been busy, I love it!
      Thanks for stopping by and please keep in touch!

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