A Two-Hat Winter

I’m convinced that winter is over, but the temperature is arguing with me.  Fine – we’ll call it a cold spring then.  It was a two-hat winter and I don’t see doing that again.

When I say two-hat, I mean a woolen watch cap under a second, looser, and fluffier wool hat with ear flaps.  Seriously.  And then my scalp was the only part of me that didn’t get freezing cold.


Now join me in hopes of multiple days over 50 degrees so that we can prepare our dinghy for the cryptozoic life.  We will be leaving our winter home at Liberty Landing Marina for a peripatetic existence anchoring wherever convenient.  Or at least, wherever we don’t get run off.  This will mean another hard summer in the water for the dinghy and the poor little thing deserves some primping before launch.  We used it hard last summer while on the mooring in New London (see above pic), but looking at our NYC options convinces me that this summer will be the real test.

NYC isn’t designed for people who want to avoid paying for things, and several of the likely anchorages have dinghy docks at up to $20 per day.  No thanks!  We’re going to work out methods of getting ashore (far more difficult than anchoring in the first place) without paying, but some of the breakwaters and beaches are hard on equipment.

We’ll see!



  1. They charge you $20 just to park your rowboat for the day? Damn! Very curious to see how your next transient homebase plays out. Maybe you could get Go Go Gadget Copters installed in your hats?
    Like this kid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3nWr5AgKhE

    (You used both cryptozoic and peripatetic in the same post? Sexy.)

  2. James, it’s good to hear from you. And even better that your safe and toughing out the weather. I do understand the “parking situation”. NYC is a cruel bitch, concerning anything that requires space. I guess even on the water too. I’m looking forward to see pix of “PIMP MY DINGHY”. Take care and stay safe. Aloha

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