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Elephant-Light Burden, Heavy Ch

I forgot to mention the elephants. They’re not as common here as in other parts of the country, but they’re in demand for temple rituals. This one was likely part of our neighborhood temple puja and on its way to the next big event.

The chains disturbed me, but they don’t seem to be chafing. I guess when it comes to animals that have been used as weapons of war, that really can squash a person, folks are interested in being able to control them.

Elephant Climbing Our Hill


One comment

    ELEPHANT Elephant Elephant Elephant Elephant Elephant Elephant ELEPHANTELEPHANTELEPHANT!

    How did I miss this incredibly delightful post of my heartsong animal the elephant for a whole week? Cannot believe my eyes that that’s just your Monday, or whatever.
    Ambient elephants. What a world.

    Elephant. YES! FOREVER! ELEPHANT!!!!!

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