Seth Thomas – It Works!

We got this Seth Thomas striking watch-clock at Captain Jim’s Marine Salvage in Portland, Maine last year when we first made landfall there as a boat-warming present to ourselves. It was over wound and frozen up. We took it to a local clocksmith and he told us to buy a new mechanism and replace the guts!

Checking the works: Seth Thomas

That was a stupid idea!

We stowed it away for the cruising from Maine to New York City and back to the Narragansett Bay…then we hauled the boat and went India for half a year.

When we got back to the boat the very first project we broke into was this old clock. Fix it or chuck it we said…

Very important clock pieces: Seth Thomas

Well, we opened her up, manually started up the rockers and she’s been keeping time and chiming the watches ever since!

She’s a little ahead when dialed to Fast and a little behind when dialed to Slow, which means she’s actually keeping time impeccably! We waited to find out whether she’d keep going and do a reasonable job of telling time before committing to more holes in the bulkhead, but we’re dedicated now.

It actually works!

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