Integrating the wind mast with the PET

We’d ordered the mounting kit for our new Rutland 1200 wind generator thinking that we’d use only parts of it. Because of the way the solar panels fit, though, the mid-tower mounting location looked less attractive than we’d hoped. That mounting kit included two 1.5 meter stainless tubes, though, which gave us quite a great height if we put the base on the caprail. So that’s what we did! Again with the pipe clamps, because binding the wind generator mast to the solar tower struck us as the most solid installation. With lags holding the base and those three points of attachment between the two units, we have a five-footed Primary Energies Tower comprising two metal structures and 900 potential watts of power. Of course, that skips the part where we put together the Rutland 1200 while getting over food poisoning, working in the spring chill, and fighting an unending wind. And there was no shortcut. We just had to do it. Once it was all up and working, we tidied the wiring in the lazarette, sorted every frickin thing James had moved to the work barge, and loaded the boat for leaving the next day.

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