When sailing is the only option

All dressed up in the beautiful new Seatiger 555, James and I were raring to go and the weather looked like it might cooperate. Spring forecasts and all, but there was a lot of hope for a fast downwind run from Gloucester to Provincetown (the fist of Cape Cod, though the queers of P-town know better than to make that kind of fist). Enough wind, but not too much, and we decided to sail off the mooring though there were more boats and docks around than we usually aim for. The 10-15 knots of wind from the NE were, I don’t know, holding off until later in the day? Sure, that’s a thing. We were being quite self-congratulatory because, the day before, we’d found a oil and diesel mess in the catch basin under the engine. If you think that doesn’t sound good, you’re right. I (Dena) touched the oil filter and it turned under fingertip pressure. There was wetness around a bleed-bolt on an injector. We used our oil changing suction pump to clear out the basin, topped up the oil, and cleaned up. This isn’t the kind of thing we like to talk about – engine shit. We never updated the blog with our winter’s engine problems (hard starting in the cold leading to backing the raw cooling water right into the cylinders), which James worked hard to fix. The whole time, we were doing math on replacing the fucking infernal combustion engine with an electric motor. Then it was over and we still had the Yanmar. Well, getting the windlass installed was a far, far more interesting and exciting project than getting wrist deep in Rotella 15W40. You wouldn’t be reading about it now if that had been the end of it. We had three hours of[…]

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