Santa Maria to Madeira Day 3

Wednesday 5/1

Dena’s 1200-1230 watch

Starting off so calm, the wind has nowhere to go but up. Go up!

The 3 body Resolve...the Portuguese Man-of-war

There’s a haze keeping us from full potential solar production but we’re doing okay. We’re planning to motor on until we get some wind or get down to 50 amp hours remaining.

Dena’s 1500-1600 watch

Raised the main just before 1400…definitely a hopeful move. Not enough to use, though, so still using the motor.


James’ 1900-2000 watch

The wind has really come up! It’s from the south, about F3, and we’re full sail on a beat. I’d be totally happy if we got this strength, from somewhat more west of south, for the rest of the trip. That’s the direction in the forecast for Thursday through Saturday or Sunday, but stronger winds…F4 with higher gusts.

I didn’t get my naps in last night so I’m pretty beat. I’m looking forward to going to bed and staying there unless James needs me.

Can you fucking believe this?!

Thursday 5/2

I slept through the night, but James had a hard time. The wind did build before dark and we went into night with one reef in the main. James ended up doing a lot of reefing and unreefing the main and rolling the yankee in and out. It would have been better for him if we’d done 3 hour watches, so we’re back to that in any conditions that need a lot of sail handling.

Back to F3 for the late morning and sailing along quite nicely.

Gatolicious at sea...

Noon position: N 35° 40.127’ W 022° 00.647’
Distance noon to noon: 76.2 NM
Average speed: 3.18 kn
Trip distance covered: 182.1 NM
Distance to destination: 319.2 NM


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