1. Sounds like you guys are sailin fine! The inner harbor in Baltimore is filled today with 40 tall ships from around the world. 1812 “Sailabration”. I’m taking Surprise into the fray n Friday -certainly not for the weekend which promises to be frightening on the harbor. They’ve cordoned off essentially all of the inner harbor from Ft. mcHenry on for BlueAngels practice and shows. Should be fun!! Did that C-Dory poster get saved to your knowledge?

  2. I did ask Raf to pull one down for you before I left so you should ask him next time your in the store. I’m not sad that we’re going to miss “The War of 1812-2.0” but I sure would love to see those tallships… Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to settle for living the dream!

  3. Yes Galen, we’re doing very well, we’re loving all this insanity just as much as we always have… Hey maybe I’ll open up a juice bar here, hmmm!

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