Cocktail Cove on Jewell Island

Labor Day weekend was long – 4 days long – and we took advantage of our time off.  Got some work done around the boat, which is an important and satisfying thing. …And I (James) didn’t get a single photo. And then we went sailing. Okay.  Maybe that’s an exaggeration. Gentle rain fell and the puffs of wind couldn’t overpower the weight of wet sails.  We motorsailed behind House Island, south of Peaks Island and then over the Hussey.   Don’t worry, she’s too deep to be dangerous to us. As we reached the gap between Cliff and Jewell, the rain slowed and stopped.  We dropped the still-wet main and motored around the dangerous red at the entrance.  Two boats left as we approached, and we identified a likely hole in the line of boats. Jewell Island has a hook off the leeward, protected side.  At high tide, it’s an island and a set of exposed rocks.  At low tide, the little island is tied to the big island with a slippery spit of granite and shale.  And between the two lies the famed, unnamed anchoring hole informally referred to as Cocktail Cove. Secure in 10 feet of water, we immediately got drunk and took a nap. I guess we needed that.  We’ve been working hard, physically and mentally, and it was so, so nice to let it all go for a while. When we woke, refreshed, we blinked at the gorgeous day that bloomed while we slept.  A couple boats had arrived and a party was in full progress aboard one.  The tide had dropped dramatically in that time and we were aghast at how much rock was exposed all around us.  After the first moment, though, we realized that we were too solidly hooked to be in any danger.[…]

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