The Deck

Before Deck

The deck project has been moving along with the weather, since we started it in the Magothy.

There used to be these angled pieces of teak that protected your feet from the evil toe-stubbing sheet-tracks that really aren’t that bad. The many previous owners of this vessel made sure to make those toe protectors as ugly and useless as possible by years and years of acid cleaning thus dissolving most of the wood into toe stubbing toe protectors…in other words: stupid, ugly shit on deck. Best get rid of it.

In the Magothy River, Dena broke out the screwgun and pulled up all the old decrepit teak and we both went to work the next day filling the holes with epoxy. It took several go-rounds in several anchorages in several states to completely fill the holes but we ultimately got ‘er done.

Taped deck

Then it was time to clean and tape.

We did the entire foredeck section in one go last year before we went back to Kerala and relearned a very important lesson when dealing with Kiwi-Grip non-skid: small sections are easier to deal with and the warmer it is the smaller the sections should be.

You have to pull the tape as you go so we used the tape to mark our sections (which is a major pain in the ass) but it worked like a charm and we finally got the deck completely covered in the two days before T.S. Isaias.

After Deck

So now we have a very safe new non-skid deck covering that looks awesome and feels great under foot. Best of all, I haven’t stubbed my toes even once!



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