I just couldn’t do it…

… I just couldn’t fool myself into believing that the system works.

I laid my head on the pillow and I listened to the wind howl through the rig, the water rushing over the hull with the ebb.

I couldn’t sleep, I was thinking of poison.

Poison is a substance that can potentially kill an organism if introduced in high enough doses. If you introduce minute amounts of poison to a healthy organism you can build from that poison a stronger organism but the delicate balance of minute introduction is hard to achieve and can only be accomplished with a shit-load of personal interest.

… Hi, I’m sorry I have to say this but… I quit.

I’ve decided to go back into my field of circumnavigating the planet Earth discovering change.

“Oh, Ok…”

Thank you for the opportunity to do this work but I’m afraid my lack of trust in the entire system ,that this incredibly dedicated group of wonderful people are working within, is poison. I don’t want to damage this movement by introducing you to anymore of the poison of contempt and doubt.

Thank you, I’ll see you at the victory party for nation’s first popularly voted Marriage Equality law.



  1. I hear ya, James. I’m hoping it’ll work this time, in this place, for this issue. You can’t hold that hope.

    But we can hope that we’ll do our own version of making change – get funded through our RocketHub campaign or do it the hard way around the world in order to document that changes that are happening on the world’s coastlines as the Greenland ice sheet experiences melts unprecedented in the time we’ve had satellites to measure such things.

    Here’s to your belief in us and our travels and a tip of the hat for your decision to do what you think is best for a cause you feel sympathy with.

  2. Your intuition has seen you safe to marvelous destinations. You built your turtle shell beyond the reach of people systems in order to transcend this kind of paradigm. And a Sovereign Nation you remain.
    Intuition gave you a heads up and you followed her? Good call. Pretty girl.

  3. Wow Dude, Ive never thought I’d say this …. Ummmm It must have REALLY sucked for you. I do stand by your manhood and your objectivity.Is that what I want to say, I;m not sure. I know for a fact that it takes alot to shake you. I’m with Kate..And a Sovereign Nation you remain. hahahahaha Love ya Braddah…Aloha

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