A sail across an ocean in the Verse

999.9 nautical miles in 13 days, 3 hours and 30 minutes and just like that, we’re in Bermuda. The End! Kidding! We did it. We sailed to Bermuda from Fk. Lauderdale, Florida. And like all offshore excursions it was an incredible adventure. I (James) remember after we sailed to Hawaii in 2006, I would tell that story and people would always respond with, “Wow, how was that?!” At first all I could do with that question was scoff. I mean, what?! I just told you I sailed 2040 nautical miles across the largest body of water on the planet Earth and all you got is, “how was that?” THAT was absolutely everything…THAT was life at the pace of the multiverse… THAT is the adverse environment that no monkey-brain could possibly comprehend…And That is the way we choose to live in this world. It is amazing in every way! Sometimes it’s so perfect that it draws you into places in your mind that you couldn’t reach before but at the same time it can be so physically taxing that there’s no way to prepare yourself for that kind of thing. In other words: you’re not going to work this shit out in the gym. Our planet’s Ocean is a body of life so incomprehensible to our puny human receptors that, when it kicks up, all most of us can do is lay down and quiver. I mean, we came out of the sea as sloppy, wet primordial lizardish things and evolved on land, so going back to our true home is a long, long way to go. For those rare few of us who get to dwell within its incredible intensity, well, lucky us. The Earth’s Ocean is a vast expanse of this planet that can lull her sailors to hypnosis[…]

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