To Azores Day 25

Friday August 18

Handome fella!

Day 25 to Horta…we read the Azores Islands section of the Atlantic Islands guide again this morning…only, this time we read it together on the starboard lee settee. A hot steaming bowl of craisin oatmeal, a calming sea, and a change in wind direction got us (me, James) in the right frame of mind for our explorations…it’s breath taking out here.

LoveBot, the Yankee, the mainsail and the electric propulsion has got us pointing directly at the anchorage in Horta Harbor.

177.8nm away.


James’ 5-6 watch

5:16 pm: The wind really died on us. We have a total goldilocks problem lately, with too much or not enough wind. The Azores themselves are famous for summer calms and there’s no guarantee we’ll get any more wind than we have right now between here and there. These last 170 miles could take 3 days or more.

We had gained a lot of charge back on propulsion battery, so we’re okay for now. It’s peaceful, though, and I made a coconut peanut curry for lunch since it was such good conditions for it.

Saturday August 19

On the way to Bermuda from Fk. Lauderdale I I(James) had A Day…a hard day that made me not want to be here! Yes, meaning here in the middle of the Atlantic flow…well…

Yesterday I had another one…the seas were huge for no apparent reason…the sky seemed angry and everything was making me mad.

Dena, she listened and sympathized but bit right into it and let it all slide on by like a Cetacea through the verse.

She’s cool like that.

The long overnight…doldrums, ships and rain…oh my.

Sunrise was a spooky affair with a big bright orange hole in the sky with no sun in it and purple rain to left and right…holy shit this place is weird.




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